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How often will I get my Quarterly Edition box?

As a member of Puzzle Culture you will receive a box four (4) times a year.  When you sign up will determine what your next box will be.  To be eligible for the current season's box you must sign up before the end of the seasonal window (or before the box sells out):

All new orders placed within these windows will receive that season's box.  

Spring Box - March/April/May - Shipping will BEGIN Mid-April

Summer Box - June/July/Aug - Shipping will BEGIN Mid-July

Fall Box - Sept/Oct/Nov - Shipping will BEGIN Mid-October

Winter Box - Dec/Jan/Feb - Shipping will BEGIN Mid-January

What is the difference between the Seasonal and Annual Subscriptions?

When you sign up for the Seasonal/ subscription,  you will pay $44.99* per box for each season.  Your subscription will automatically renew each season unless you decide to cancel before your renewal date.  You may upgrade to an Annual subscription at anytime. When you sign up for an Annual subscription, you will pay $160.00* ( a discounted rate of $40.00 each box) upfront for 4 boxes.  Having an Annual subscription means you never have to worry about missing out on a box, even if it sells out.  Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of your annual term unless you decide to skip or cancel before your renewal date.  

What happened to the Bi-Monthly Edition boxes?

Bi-Monthly boxes have been discontinued. We will move forward with our Quarterly box subscriptions with our 1000 piece puzzles and gifts.

We have an assortment of our past boxes with 500 piece puzzles and gifts. There are limited quantities and will not be restocked once they are sold through.

What's in the box?

Quarterly Boxes - A high quality 1000-piece puzzle will be in every box.    We also include 3-5 fun items that will go with the theme of the puzzle or will be related to puzzling culture in some way.  All boxes receive a 5x7 print card of the puzzle artwork along with a list of contents and a fun puzzle challenge.

We hand pick every item that goes into each box to ensure you are delighted with every package.  Our puzzles are made from partially recycled materials and include a reusable fabric bag.  All of our boxes are gender-neutral in both the puzzle and the gifts.

When will I know the theme of my next box?

We will post hints about the theme on our social media pages about a month or two before we are ready to ship.  If you are on our email  list, we will send you some exclusive insights to the box before anyone else.  The box theme will be fully revealed before we cut off orders. 

What is your refund policy?

We understand mistakes can happen, or maybe you changed your mind about the subscription after it was placed.  We want to work with you as best we can to make sure you are happy and satisfied.

If you forget to use a coupon code and make a request while the coupon is still valid, we will issue a refund for the discount amount.

We cannot offer a subscription refund once the first box of your prepaid subscription is shipped.  

We do not take returns or offer refunds on shipped boxes.  If you have an issue with a box or items in your box due to damages, please let us know and we will work with you to resolve your issue.

Do you ship outside of the US?

At this time, we also offer shipping on our subscription boxes to Canada.  Shipping costs to Canada are now $25 a box starting in 2022.  

* Applicable taxes and our flat rate shipping of $7 per box applies for all US orders.  Orders outside of the US will be subject to additional shipping/customs fees.  All will be noted on your invoice at checkout.

Can I send your box as a gift?

Yes, absolutely! Just click the link noted in the product page for the subscription you want to purchase as a gift. This will create a one time subscription purchase that will not renew.

Do you notify Gift Recipients?

No, we do not send a notification to the recipient. If you would like to present them with something to let them know they have an awesome gift coming their way from you, you can print out one of our PDF certificates.

For a Quarterly Gift Subscription PDF Click Here