Bringing Pieces and People Together

Screen fatigue is real and it has become a major problem in many people's lives. It has a direct effect on our mental health and wellness, leaving us feeling increasingly disconnected and isolated.

Are you searching for ideas to get yourself and your family away from the screens?

Puzzle Culture provides a unique subscription box delivered right to your door perfect for family night, date night or solo time filled with screen-free activities inclduing our jigsaw puzzles, crafts, gifts and more.

  • 👆🏽Join Puzzle Culture

    Be ready for date night, a family gathering, girls' night in or just some solo time to unwind, we're here to put together a puzzle experience everyone will love.

  • 🚚 We Curate and Ship

    We work hard to find the coolest artwork to create unique puzzles that inspire the best assortment of items to enhance your puzzling experience.

  • 🧩 Put the Pieces Together

    Open up your box and have fun putting your puzzle together! Delight in the hand-picked items that go with each box's theme!

  • 🎁 Share the Love

    You love Puzzle Culture and your loved ones will too!  

    You can buy a gift card or gift subscription at any time!

  • Fall Quarterly Box

    Theme: Autumn in the Air

    1000 piece puzzle - Hot Dog in the City

    artwork by Teggun Ashleigh


    Fall Quarterly Boxes are shipping now. All new subscriptions through Dec 8th will receive this as their first delivery. Guaranteed delivery before Xmas in the US when ordered by cut off date!

  • Timing/Shipping

    Seasonal subscriptions ship on a quarterly basis, you will receive a new themed box appx every 3 months.  

    Flat Shipping fee of only $7 per box.

  • Hints and Reveals 

    Regular emails sent with Hints and Reveals

     Theme and puzzle artwork are always revealed before we ship.  You always have the option to skip a box if you don't love the theme or artwork.

    Some gifts are revealed, some are left as surprises for when your box arrives!

  • Be a Part of the Culture

    Puzzle Culture is a community of artists, vendors and puzzlers.  

    Share your reveals, experiences and finished puzzles on social media.   

    You can also join us for Live Instagram feeds, events and more

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