Here you can see a showcase of our past boxes with the themes, puzzles and all gifts included.
  • Autumn in the Air

    1000 piece puzzle - Hot Dog in the City

    Gifts Include:

    "I Like Fall" set of 3 mini stick display from Col House Designs
    Hot Dog Dachshund Magnet from Tiny Bee Cards
    Pumpkin Spice Mug Cake from Sweet Logic
    Cozy Autumn Sponges from Design Imports

  • Desert Night Box

    1000 piece puzzle - Desert Visitors art by Melinda Magyar

    Gifts Include:

    Crystal Growing Saguaro Cactus from Copernicus Toys

    Mini Rock and Mineral Excavation Kit from Geo Central

    Amethyst Crystal from Geo Central

    UFO Alien Magnetic Bookmark from Millie Paper Co

  • That 90's Love Box

    1000 piece puzzle - 90's Fun art by Sandra Hutter

    Gifts Include:

    Totally 90's Trivia from Gift Republic

    Tic Tac Toe Keychain from La Luna Bella

    Rainbows Dishcloth from Tullportsgarten

    Rollerskate Washi Tape from Girl of All Work

  • Unplug Box

    500 piece puzzle - Puzzle Time art by Lena Semenkova

    Gifts Include:

    Cell Phone Time Out Cage

    Shh...I'm Puzzling Rubber Door Hanger

  • Candyland Box

    500 piece puzzle - Candyland Wonderland art by Annie Kight

    Gifts Include:

    Pink Vanilla Cotton Candy from Flossie

    Candy Buttons and Sour Candy Buttons from Doscher's candy

    Pop Up Treat Boxes from Talisman Designs

  • Cozy Night In Box

    1000 piece puzzle - Moonlight Drive art by Robbie Craig

    Gifts Include:

    Drinking Chocolate Packets from Treehouse Originals

    Instant Winter Indoor Snow from Copernicus Toys

    Cozy Soft Fleece Blanket from Arkwright Home

  • Otomi Art Box

    500 piece puzzle - Otomi Bird art by Nahiely Velazquez

    Gifts Include:

    Mexican Servilleta from Verve Culture

    Floral Print Embroidery Kit

  • Neon City Box

    500 piece puzzle - Cyber City art by Prince Bhatia

    Gifts Include:

    Cyberpunk Blue Gradient Face Shield

    Neon LED Alien Lamp

    Neon City Stickers from Pipsticks

  • Forest Night Box

    1000 piece puzzle - Lunar Queen Art by Kenzie Elston

    Gifts Include:

    Marvellous Mushrooms Wrapping Paper from Re-Wrapped

    Hedgehog Diamond Painting Kit

    Cosplay Gold Crown

  • Piece the World Together Box

    1000 piece puzzle - Back at Home art by Morgan Jesse Lappin

    Gifts Include:

    Puzzle Culture Logo Luggage Tag

    DIY Collage Starter Kit with Vintage Papers from Attic Journals and Glue Stick from Three Leaf 

    Mini Travel Spell from Holly Oddly

  • Latine Heritage Box

    500 piece puzzle - Morena art by Mia Roman

    Gifts Include:

    Nicho Sticker Frame from Cultura Campaign

    Zipaquira Salt Plantain Chips from Loro Crisps

    Adobo Latin Seasoning from Pisqueya

  • Seas the Day Box

    500 piece puzzle - Mermaid Discovery art by Nabeel Hayder

    Gifts Include:

    Ocean Spray Foaming Salt Scrub from Bella & Bear

    Cast Iron Mermaid Bottle Opener from Hampton Ironworks

  • Road Trip Box

    1000 piece puzzle - Adventure Road art by Tanja Burmeister

    Gifts Include:

    Adventure Stickers from Tanja Burmeister 

    Set of 2 Dry Decks Cards from NOD Products 

    Eco-friendly Biodegradable "First Coffee" Travel Mug

  • Let's Have a Picnic Box

    500 piece puzzle - Summer Picnic art by Veronica Peskovaya

    Gifts Include:

    Craftmix Cocktail Packets - Mint Mojito and Passionfruit Paloma

    Foldable, waterproof picnic blanket

  • Amusement Park Box

    500 piece puzzle - Coney Island Pins art by Erin Mathewson

    Gifts Include:

    Coney Island Pocket Light from Wellspring

    3D Metal Puzzle Ferris Wheel

    Coney Island Pin by Erin Mathewson

  • Doodle Love Box

    500 piece puzzle - Happy Happy Joy Joy art by Peter Jarvis

    Gifts Include:

    Mini "Joy" Pouch from Quotable

    Set of 8 Twin Tip Markers from Three Leaf Products

    9" x 12" Sketch Pad from Three Leaf Products

  • Space Time Box

    500 Piece Puzzle - Solar Panels art by Nic "Shugmonkey" Brennan

    Gifts Include:

    Mini Astronaut USB LED Lamp

    Odd Science: Spectacular Space book by James Olstein

  • Hey Kitty, Kitty Box

    500 Piece Puzzle - Big Eyes art by Albeniz Rodriguez

    Gifts Include:

    Novelty Cat Socks from Parquet Socks

    Cats in the Box Memo Tabbies from Streamline

    Cat Quote Coaster from Wellspring Gift

  • Send Noods Box

    1000 Piece Puzzle - Ramen MonstersArt by Vincent Trinidad

    Gifts include:

    Ramen Flavor exclusive collaboration with Micropuzzles

    Set of Sapodilla Wood Chopsticks from Bali Harvest

    Kraken Letterpress Wine Bag fromAlice-Louise Press

    Noodle Doodles Notebook fromCentral 23

  • Listen Up Box

    500 Piece Puzzle - The Color of Sound art by Miriam Rosalky

    Gifts Include:

    Green Mini Bluetooth Speaker

    Pop Science book by James Ball

  • Media From Memory Box

    500 Piece Puzzle - Mixed Media Memories art by Hollis Brown Thornton

    Gifts Include:

    VHS Super Tape Notebook from Denik

    Cassette Tape Decorative Cushion Cover

    8-Bit Pixel Gamer Coloring Book from Wellspring

  • Arcana and Fortune Box

    1000 Piece Puzzle - Tarot My Fortune art by Vera Petruk

    Gifts include:

    Wood Tarot Card Incense Holder by Most Amazing

    Twisted Fortune Cookie from Twisted Wares

    Palm Reading Cards Set from Gift Republic

  • La Panaderia Box

    500 Piece Puzzle - El Aguila Panaderia art by Andrea Ramirez "Mextica"

    Gifts included:

    Puzzle Piece Shaped Cookie Cutter from Cookie Cutter Cupply

    Set of 2 Reusable Linen Bread Bags

  • Office Tarot Box

    500 Piece Puzzle - Office Tarot art by Michelle Cooke

    Gifts Include:

    "To Do List" Tarot Card Mug - Art by Michelle Cooke

    "Planning" Note Pad - Art by Michelle Cooke

  • Black On Box

    1000 Piece Puzzle - Black On Black art by Emmanuel Ignatius

    This box featured Black Owned and/or Black Focused businesses with all the gifts

    Gifts Include:

    Dark or Extra Dark Fair Trade Chocolate Bar from Kanda Chocolates

    Fair Trade Stone Spring Dish in Light Blue or Indigo from Venture Imports

    All Natural Charcoal Soap Bar from Joe-Le Soap

  • Bee Kind Box

    1000 Piece Puzzle - Bee King art by Mari Corona

    Gifts include:

    Set of 3 Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps

    "Bee Food" Wildflower Seed Packet from The Sister Bees

    Reusable Silicone Straw from GoSili

    "Save the Bees" printed tissue packet from Boston International

  • Movie Night In Box

    1000 Piece Puzzle - Reel Puzzling art by Olka Kostenko

    Gifts Include:

    Movie Trivia Card game - from Gift Republic

    Set of 12 movie theater style popcorn bags

    Farmer's Popcorn Cob - from Sunflower Food Company

    The Movie Book of Answers by Carol Bolt

  • Skeleton Box

    1000 Piece Puzzle - Blossom & Bones art by Natalia Maroz

    Gifts include:
    3D Gothic Butterfly Puzzle

    Set of 2 Stainless Steel Skull Ice Cubes

    White Ceramic Skull Planter

    3D Skull Desk Organizer

  • Vinyl Love Box

    1000 Piece Puzzle - Vinyl Colors art created by our founder Dawn Walsh

    Gifts Include:

    Set of 4 Silicone Vinyl Record Coasters

    Turntable Slip Mat

    Logo T-shirt designed in collaboration with High Tees -

  • Ocean Box

    300 piece puzzle - Just Keep Swimming art by Emma Jayne. Gifts Include:

    Set of 2 pocket notebooks

    Insulated lunch bag

    Silicone sea creatures mold

    Wood 3D Seahorse puzzle

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