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Discover more about our featured artists and the small business vendors we have sourced gifts from.  Follow them, check out their pages and shops and support them some more.
  • Autumn in the City Box

    Teggun Ashleigh is an artist, illustrator, full-time foster carer, dog lover and colour enthusiast from Australia. 

    "Ever since I was little, I always knew I would work in the creative industry, I just didn't know to what capacity and in what specific area. All my designs are completely original and created from the inspiration of foster children and the colourful and joyful life I want them to experience every day. I also take a lot of inspiration from nature, especially from florals and my childhood of growing up in the Whitsundays, North Queensland."

    Follow Teggun on Instagram @teggunashleigh and you can learn more about her and her art and products on her website

  • That 90's Love Box

    Sandra Hutter is an Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer, currently based in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria.

    Her signature style of designing colorful, bold, cheerful, and playful illustrations and patterns is inspired by her myriad travels to many countries. 

    Her designs can be found on lots of printed products, such as fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap, puzzles, and home decor.

    To learn more about sandra and see more of her work, visit her website

    You can also follow her on Instagram @sandrahutterdesign

  • Candyland Box

    Annie spent more time upside down on her head than right side up when she was a kid. Flipping, twirling and cartwheeling was her jam until she discovered a 64 count Crayola Crayon Box under the Christmas tree. That moment was a game changer. Her passion for art hasn’t wavered since. These days she spends most of her time painting, sculpting and baking. She loves to thrift and collect vintage, especially teacups and dishes.

    Follow Annie Kight on Instagram @annie_kight_art

    and you can check out her website here

  • Otomi Art Box

    Nahiely Velazquez is a Mexican graphic designer, illustrator and independent art director, born in Morelia, M√©xico and currently based in Vancouver, BC; Canada. She has worked for over 15 years in the creative industry. Currently she works independently in her own brand "Akbaly‚Äć¬ģ" dedicated to corporate design, branding and¬† digital illustration, among other creative and artistic areas.

    Her beautiful, vibrant artwork is featured in our 500 piece puzzle, Otomi Bird.

    To learn more about Nahiely and see more of her work you can visit her website

    You can also follow her on Instagram @akbaly

  • Cozy Night In Box

    Robbie is a Canadian artist who comes from a long line of artists in his family. Travelling and teaching led him to his current location in the Northwest Territories where he was and continues to be inspired by the beauty found in the landscape.

    Inspired by the untouched and rugged landscape of Canada’s north, Robbie Craig captures the essence of Canada's beauty in his own unique style. This style can clearly be seen in our puzzle "Moonlight Drive"

    To see more of his work and learn more about Robbie follow him on Instagram @robbiecraigs_northernprojects or check out his website

  • Forest Night Box

    Kenzie Elston is a born creative who loves color, whimsy and all things floral. With a degree in graphic design, she works for a small design firm who licenses art to a variety of gift, garden and home decorating companies. Outside of illustrating, Kenzie is a notorious collector of sketchbooks, antique tchotchkes, and novels and she lives for daily dance parties with her young sons. 

    Lunar Queen is the whimsical inspiration for our Fall box - Forest Night

    You can follow Kenzie on Instagram @snippetsofwhimsy

  • Piece the World Together Box

    Morgan Jesse Lappin, called ‚Äúthe master of contemporary collage art,‚ÄĚ is a Brooklyn-based creator known for eye-popping collages that use nostalgic 1980s materials to comprise paper worlds with a sense of comedy and chaos. As the founder of the Brooklyn Collage Collective (BCC), the first internationally-recognized assemblage of collage artists, Lappin has formed an indelible presence in the global art and music community‚Äôs.

    Follow Morgan on Instagram @morgan_jesse_lappin

  • Latine Heritage Box

    Mia Roman, Founder and CEO of YO SOY MIA Designs and Art By Mia Visual Arts.  Allowing imagination to be her inspiration for creation, she has become internationally recognized across many mediums of art and fashion.

    Mia combines the urban, the colorful, feminine, masculine and cultural in a way that is timeless, creative, non-conforming and fashionably expressive. Each design is created for ALL people, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, size, or identity. Many of her designs honor her roots and Ancestors. Paying tribute to those that have paved the way and inspired her.

    You can follow Mia on Instagram @yosoymia787 and check out her website 

  • Seas the Day Box

    Nabeel is an illustrator and graphic designer from Pakistan.
    Much of Nabeel's work has been in comics and children's book illustrations.

    Mermaid Discovery was created exclusively for us to inspire our Seas the Day box.

    You can see more of Nabeel's artwork on their website here

  • Road Trip Box

    Tanja Burmeister is a full-time nomadic artist.  Tanja and her boyfriend, Lenny, have been living nomadically since 2012 and fully sustain themselves with their business. "My favourite way to express myself is through my illustrations, but I also like writing, photography, artsy diy projects, just to name a few."

    Her art is full of color and shows her love of nature, freedom and adventure.

    Follow Tanja on Instagram @tanjab.artistry

    then head over to the website to shop her artwork in clothing, prints and much more

  • Let's Have a Picnic Box

    Veronica is an artist/illustrator from Ukraine.

    She has been working in graphic design and illustration for over 8 years and branched out as a freelancer 6 years ago.  
    " I am inspired by the world around me, the books and the people, every detail is interesting if you look at it correctly."

    Summer Picnic was created exclusively for us and showcases Veronica's fun and colorful style.
    You can follow Veronica on Instagram @sailorlun2

  • Amusement Park Box

    Erin is a Brooklyn based artist who enjoys working in many different mediums. Her favorites are relief printmaking, pop-up paper engineering and digital drawing.

    You can see her murals in Coney Island on W12th St at the boardwalk and is overjoyed and proud to have her work installed in the place that inspires her most.

    Her artwork brings the nostalgia of old seaside amusement parks to life.

    Follow Erin on Instagram @erinsetceteras 

  • Doodle Love Box

    Pete has a wide range of artistic style that centers on his passion for creating doodles.  While dealing with mental health challenges, he quickly realized the psychological benefits he was getting from his doodling.  He continues to use his art to create colorful doodles to make others happy and to express all the things to be found in his subconscious mind.

    Check out Pete on his Instagram account @doodlerpete

    and on his website for access to his artwork, NFTs, coloring books and more!

  • Space Time Box

    Nic "Shugmonkey" Brennan is a freelance illustrator from Cambridge, UK.  
    His works can be seen on book and magazine covers, product packaging and more.

    With a unique style and attention to detail, his art keeps you coming back for more!

    Be sure to check out his website to see his beautiful digital portfolio and vast array of art work.

  • Hey Kitty, Kitty Box

    Albeniz Rodriguez is a digital artist born in Santo Domingo. His works are characterized by a modern and humorous style, using vivid and bright colors that express my outgoing and communicative personality.
    "I love the art of caricature, and I love portraying people and animals, studying their characteristics to express their true essence, and making them able to give a smile, communicating with those who observe them."

    Follow Albeniz on Istagram @albeniz_rodriguez to stay up to date with his fun artwork

  • Send Noods Box

    Vincent Trinidad has works that are known the world over.  From having some of the best selling original T-shirt designs on the internet to having his Great Ramen Wave become an icon.  His unique and original style shows through in ever piece he creates.

    "My fascination to anything Retro and Japonisme in art. Takes me to create illustrations that combines Japanese Pop Culture, Internet Puns or Memes and retro aesthetics from the 80's and 90's movement."

    Follow Vincent on Instagram @vincenttrinidadart

    Visit his site to see more of his work here

  • Listen Up Box

    Miriam Rosalky is a hobby photographer living on Gadigal land in Sydney, Australia. An avid traveller who found her way back to Sydney after many years abroad.

    Her photography focuses on urban landscape, local history, architecture, culture, and music.  

    Follow Miriam on Instagram @Sydneyrepat 

  • Media From Memory Box

    Hollis Brown Thornton produces artwork using different mediums from permanent marker to pigment transfer to create his works.  His focus on the nostalgic objects, the ever changing aspects of nature and imperfection make his art feel extra-special and relatable.

    "I like repeating patterns or a large collection of things to go after traditional ideas of the sublime in art, where the sheer number of things, like tiny pixels, imply a much larger scenario, such as infinity. It is the simple idea of stars in the sky at night. How many are there? It is uncountable. . . How many piles of Atari and VHS tapes are out there? You just don’t know."

    Follow Hollis on Instagram @hollisbrownthornton

    Visit his site to learn more here

  • Arcana and Fortune Box

    Vera Petruk is a photographer and graphic artist in love with vintage, esoteric and occult themes. "I believe in the power of the human mind, universe, justice and love."

    She creates original artwork for tarot decks that can be purchased HERE

    You can also follow Vera on Instagram @vera.petruk

  • La Panaderia Box

    Andrea Ramirez ‚ÄúMexica‚ÄĚ is a community-taught artist born and raised in El Sereno and San Gabriel. Inspired by the papel amate artwork of Otomi and Nahua traditions and the brilliantly decorated carretas de Costa Rica she grew up with, Andrea paints the community, culture, and love that surrounds her. Her moniker Mextica honors her heritage - combining Mexicana and Tica (Costarricense) - and honors her late dad‚Äôs brilliance as he came up with the name.

    Follow Andrea on Instagram @mextica

    Visit her site to learn more here

  • Office Tarot Box

    Michelle Cooke is the founder and artist behind Quick Brown Fox Canada an art, illustration, and design brand. Michelle has an extensive portfolio available for licensing. Her designs are sold worldwide on Redbubble, Society6, and Spoonflower where you can find art prints, home decor items, tech accessories, fabric, wallpaper, apparel, and more!

    Follow Michelle on Instagram @quickbrownfoxcanada

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  • Black On Box

    My name is Emmanuel Ignatius , a digital artist, illustrator and creative director. I collage photography and illustrations in my visually dynamic artworks celebrating our people, the culture, the aesthetics and stories of the "black" community. My visual style is simultaneously minimalist and maximalist since I often layer bright textures and patterns over clean and simple backgrounds. My compositions celebrate 'black' beauty and aim to tell their untold stories and experiences by representing various hairstyles, traditional garments and natural features of my subjects.  

    Follow Emmanuel on Instagram @_ignatius_arts

  • Bee Kind Box

    My name is Mari Corona, I'm a photographer & writer who Empowers, Motivates, and Inspires through images & words. I use these mediums as Art Healing Therapy tools for manifesting your Best life. I'm a native New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn, lover of music and pizza!

    Follow Mari on Instagram 

    @visionssbymari     @livinginmommywood

  • Movie Night In Box

    My name is Olka Kostenko. I'm a Ukraine-based graphic designer and Illustrator. During my creative life, I worked as a graphic designer and a motion designer in a film company. I created prints for textiles, and accessories, created coloring books for adults, website design, identity, packaging and typography, and many other types of creativity. I draw my detailed illustrations on paper. This is my meditation. I am inspired by everything that I see around! I get great pleasure when I see how my pictures come to life on things around the world.

    Follow Olka on Instagram @balab0lka

  • Skeleton Box

    Natalia is a freelance illustrator from Kiev, Ukraine.  Her work has been used in children's book, album covers, book covers and more.  She sells many products of her own on her Society6 page here.

  • Ocean Box

    I love being creative and playing around with sketches, which later, I develop on my computer. I really love colour and enjoy creating different colour combinations.In my spare time, I continually search for new ideas and new inspiration; whether that would be in stationery, apparel, children’s books, to interiors, and even colour themes.

    Follow Emma Jayne on Instagram @emmajayne_designs

Vendors we have featured in past boxes

Treehouse Originals - Drinking chocolate packets

Flossie - Vanilla cotton candy

Pipsticks - Neon city stickers

Holly Oddly - Mini travel spell

Pisqueya - Adobo latin seasoning

Cultura Campaign - Nicho sticker frame

The Breakawayers - Adventure stickers

Kanda - Dark chocolate bars

Sister Bees - "Bee Food" wildflower seed packet