Tips for a fun and easy Family Night

Screen-free fun for everyone

As a busy parent, I know it can be difficult to gather the family for an activity or game night. It’s hard to tear everyone away from their screens. It can also be difficult as a parent to gather the energy to do something other than sit in front of the TV after a long week.

Here's a quick breakdown of how to put a plan in action for your next game night.

Decide on your activity

Have everyone provide their favorite activities as options and then rotate those choices.  Make a list so you can all keep track together of who’s turn it will be to pick the activity.  

Have a plan

Try to plan ahead so it’s not a rush that day.  Do you want to make it a themed night?  Buy the snacks, drinks, etc ahead of time.  Get everyone involved in food prep to help it move faster and start the camaraderie in the kitchen.

Prep your space

Do you have the right space for your family night?  Do you need the dining room table, or will the living room be a better spot?  Ensure everyone knows where the gathering place is and helps with any cleaning or prep.


Now it's Puzzle Time (or game time or trivia time get the idea)!!

Have Fun and Happy Puzzling



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